Do I still need a bike lock if I have Nutlock?

Absolutely. Nutlock will only protect the wheels of your bicycle. Once it's installed, you will only need to carry a U-lock to secure your entire bike.

Do I really need Nutlock?

You better believe it. Over 50% of active cyclists will have their bikes stolen. This is even worse for bike wheels as a thief can steal wheels in less than 30 seconds using just a wrench. Worst of all, it costs $100+ to replace just a wheel on average.

Are there variations, or are all Nutlock keys the same?

Yes! We've created a massive amount of unique variations. Additionally, we're continually adding more and more variations of Nutlock by the day. Lastly, each Nutlock set is randomly packaged. All these factors make it practically impossible for a thief to get his hands on all the Nutlock keys.

Do I need to lock and unlock Nutlock every time I ride my bike?

No. Nutlock installs once, and never needs to be touched unless the rider wants to remove their wheels.

What do I do with the key?

The Nutlock key is compactly designed to fit right on your keychain. It also doubles up as a bottle opener (which is arguably the most important feature). Side note: don't forget to give your key to your bike mechanic when having repairs so they can remove your wheels!

What is Nutlock made out of?

Nutlock is crafted out of high-end, corrosion resistant stainless steel, which is imported from Germany. Built for years of durability and use without rusting.

Nutlock protects against every tool in the world right?

Most thieves are lazy! The goal of a lock is to deter as much as possible. With Nutlock deterring every hand theft-tool we could find, you're in great hands - a thief will most likely turn to the poorly locked bike right next to yours. That being said, we can't say Nutlock will keep your bike absolutely secured and protected every single day from every tool for the rest of your life.

What happens if I lose my key?

Each Nutlock set comes with a unique serial code in each package. This serial code is also laser-etched on your key. Write down the serial number somewhere safe (aka your phone's notepad) when you first get Nutlock and we can send you a backup key if you ever need it.

What happened to the silver Nutlock set?

After receiving feedback from hundreds of our Kickstarter backers, we are focusing exclusively on making Nutlock in stealth black moving forward. The silver model will no longer be available. People pointed out the beauty and sleek look of our stealth black version and we couldn't agree more.