This happens to 54% of cyclists

Protect Yourself with Nutlock



In seconds, a simple wrench will disassemble your bicycle…bye bye wheels.


Introducing Nutlock

Ridiculous protection for your bike wheels

Custom engineered

for beautiful design & maximum security

"Great design, great product at a great price. Well done Nutlock Team!" 

Dave Weiner, founder of Priority Bicycles

Bike wheel theft is a major problem for all cyclists. Nutlock is a breakthrough & beautifully designed, must-have solution!" 

Jonathan Shriftman., Co-Founder of Solé Bicycles


"I saw the quality as great and the innovation strong. This product definitely needs to be in stores, consumers will benefit from it."

- Ulises T., Lead Mechanic of H&S Bike Store in Burbank

Nutlock Stealth Black Edition - Full Set

Nutlock Extra Matching Key - Stealth Black