Nutlock Front & Rear Wheel Locks - Stealth Black Edition

This is a full set of Nutlock in black. Secures both wheels of your bike.

Has many unique nut+key variations. If you order multiple sets together, they will all be keyed alike.

Note: You can add an additional key to your order for $9.95 here.



We kept it simple - all our sets have easy, 1-minute, 1-time installation. And at most, you'll need a wrench to do it. You can view our step by step installation guide here.



Note: If you don't know your size right now, you can place an order and our team will followup personally to figure out sizing for your bike.

We support all common sized bikes both hex-nut replacements and quick release skewer replacements.

You can use this sizing guide to help you find your size, email the founders here, or ask your local bike shop for help.

The sizes we carry are as follows:

  • M9 (front wheel) x M10 (rear wheel)
  • M10 (front wheel) x M10 (rear wheel)
  • 3/8-26 (front wheel) x 3/8-26 (rear wheel)
  • M5 Quick Release Skewers (front & rear wheel)

Note: All solid axle sizes include the necessary extension tool in the package that is needed for installation.

The quick release set does not require the extension tool and it is thus not included in that package.

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