Nutlock Solid Axle Extension Tool

Order an extra extension tool for solid axle Nutlocks here. This extension connects to your regular Nutlock key to give it additional length (and as a result, more torque). It should be used to fasten any bikes with horizontal dropouts. The regular Nutlock key is not enough to tighten bikes with horizontal dropouts.

This key comes standard in any Nutlock solid axle set. If you lost it, you can order an extra here.

This is only necessary if you have one of the following solid axle Nutlock sets (hexagon-nut replacements):

  • M9 (front wheel) x M10 (rear wheel)

  • M10 (front wheel) x M10 (rear wheel)

  • 3/8-26 (front wheel) x 3/8-26 (rear wheel)

It is not necessary to use for tightening a quick release set.

Note: this set only includes the extension tool. It does not include an extra Nutlock key (which is shown in the right of the picture). If you need an extra Nutlock key, you can order one here.