Buy Our Company?

After years of developing Nutlock, our passionate cofounders Mikey & Amir have moved their primary focus to building a new company, taking all the lessons they've learned from Nutlock along the way. Although Nutlock is still operating and fulfilling orders, our team's main focus has shifted.


They've been working full-time on building Habit Nest, a company that helps streamline building better habits. Since starting they have been awarded the best small business on all of Amazon, have been featured in all top blogs, and have had guests such as Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Gretchen Rubin on their podcast.


They are now looking to sell Nutlock and all its assets while they continue their journey forward. Please email Mikey directly at if you are interested.


Thank you for all the support, our loving customers, all the mistakes and lessons we have learned from them along the way.